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"Providing Superior Musical Instrument Service & Repair since 1993."

Our professional Service and Repair center has been the heart of our store since we opened in 1993 providing quality repairs at competitive prices.  Our in store repair facility features NAPBIRT member technicians who know the importance of getting things done right. Great care is put into all of our repairs no matter the size.  Whether you are bringing your flute in for a routine service, you need a complete repad for your Saxophone, a dent taken out of your bell, or a custom bell installed to your trumpet, you can trust that your instrument is in the right hands.



Standard Services

Clean, Oil, & Adjust

Pad Replacement

Mechanical Overhaul



Standard Services

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Silver Polishing

Slide Extraction

Valve & Slide Alignment



Orchestral Strings

Standard Services


Bridge Replacement

Peg Refit - Replacement

Fingerboard Truing

Neck Re-set

Cracks and Separations



Standard Services

     Head Replacement

     Strainer & Snare Replacement

     Lug & Screw extraction



Standard Services

       Re-Stringing & Set-up

       Truss Adjustment

       Nut and Bridge Replacement


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