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Quality Musical Instrument Rentals

For the beginning student

Taylor Band & Orchestra has built a reputation for providing top quality musical instruments at competitive prices, without sacrificing quality service and support. Our rental fleet features new and used director approved instruments that have all been inspected and maintained in top playing condition for your prospective player.

Our beginning band rental program is "taylored" to young musicians looking to join their school instrumental music program, allowing their parents to rent a quality student flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, or percussion outfit for their child at a low monthly rate. No hassle returns, Exchange & Upgrade options, as well as our equity towarsds purchase features make this program a "No Risk" option for first time players and their parents.  

The Taylor Band & Orchestra string rental program allows you to always have the right size violin, viola, or cello for your growing student.  Our well maintained string rental fleet will keep your child playing strong while allowing you to build up equity towards the purchase of a new full size instrument when the time comes.    

Sometimes you need that specialized instrument for your school or college band or wind ensemble.  Our background rental program features month to month rental options for instruments such as: piccolo, oboe, tenor sax, french horn, & baritone, and is perfect for when buying is not an option or you only need the instrument for a short time period.

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